Saturday, September 8, 2012

Real Friendship

Over 10 years ago I ran into a lonely old lady who happened to be best friends with one of my friends moms. This woman was in her 60s at the time. She was living alone in a small apartment.Little by little I started getting in touch with her. We didnt have cellphones back then.So I would page her and she would call me on my family'slandline phone as soon as she had time. I sympathized with her for being a lonely old woman in a big city. I wanted to take care of her and show her that she wasnt alone. That someone out there actually loves her and cares for her.
Over time we became best friends and our friendship got stronger,but there is always an ending to every happy or sad story and the ending of ours was a sad one! It turned out that she was suffering from cancer and that it spread to her liver. It reached an advanced stage that couldnt be treated.the doctors told her that there was nothing they could do about it. she flew back to Florida to be with her sister till it was time to go. I didnt get to see her before she left because i had gotten a job at far away city and we couldnt see each other for a was during that time that things started falling apart on her side.
Anyway, I talked to her once over the phone but after that she was unconscious till her last day. that woman died but her sweet memories didnt. I still remember all the great times we spent together and the places we worked at together.she taught me the real meaning of friendship. I miss her so much.I cry sometimes when i think about the person who was the closest person to my heart, the one who felt for me more than anyone else in this world, but the only thing that keeps me patient is the hope that I will see her again in the hearafter in Heaven.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Bitter Truth of Life

Sometimes we go out of our way to please the people we truly love but the harder we try to make them happy, the more they hurt us and the farther away they push us. It is funny how things change in this life. We think we know how to make things work out but little do we know that it is not our endless efforts to fix things that make a difference, it’s actually how willing the people we love are to accept us for who we are and share the love we long for.

The sad truth is most people only think about themselves and their own happiness, regardless of how much they say they care about our happiness my life, I have learned that if you love someone and you want to stay in their life even if they keep hurting you, you will just have to forget about your happiness or suppress your feelings and put on a smile and pretend to be happy with them in order to avoid losing them. Because when someone knows you love them so much, they start taking you for granted and threatening to leave you for the silliest things that go wrong between you and them. Unfortunately that is the way it is in most cases.

It is the rubber band theory; people chase after what they don’t have. Knowing this leaves us with the option to either stay and take whatever life throws at us …or… walk away and never look back.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Writer's Block

 For years and years, my best friends were my pen and pad. I'd pick up my pen and before i knew it, a whole paragraph would be composed. It always felt that my pen and pad were the only two friends who spent hours and hours sharing my thoughts without complaining or shouting at me or even letting me down. I LOVE my pen and pad!